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Who We Are….

If normal was used to describe us and our story, then you clearly wouldn’t know us! We are far from that, whether it be regarding who we are, what we do, how we do it, or where we go as you get a clearer picture of who we are – Aussies in Lahore.

“The Princess”

From this...

From this…to a glowing teenager

Who would have thought this little girl would grow up so quickly? The Princess was moved to Dubai by her horrible parents at 18 months of age and forced to live a tough life there. Always the attention seeker and the lover of a ‘selfie’ from an early age.


Upon returning home, she started becoming involved in Cheerleading at school and then within a competitive sense, competing in many state and national competitions. In 2015 she made her debut as an AFL boundary umpire in our nations capital, even umpiring two Grand Finals.She also started working at KFC, just to follow the family tradition earlier in the year and is enjoying the added cash that brings….

“The Princess” is most looking forward to:

  • Living in a new part of the world and learning about the culture and the people
  • Not cleaning her room EVER.
  • Getting a new iPhone..

“The Princess” is least looking forward to:

  • Missing friends and work colleagues
  • Missing out on Cheerleading for a year


“Little Boomer”

Singapore Offsite April 05 (12)

“Little Boomer” as a young fella

“Little Boomer” was born in Dubai during our time there as expats from 2002- 2007, so he is often referred to ‘our Arab child’ not that he appreciates it! Despite an offer for 5 camels for him in the early days, we decided to keep him – sometimes I wish I had those camels!

He is obsessed about both AFL and cricket, with the great foresight and vision to follow North Melbourne in the AFL. A passionate ‘statistician’ in all things cricket and footy, he would put Bruce McAvaney to shame with his knowledge and retention of scores, players and results.

He has played AFL in Canberra since the Auskick Rookies program and gone on to play nearly 100 games with them since and LOVES it. He has also developed a passion for cricket, and this year has made his first attempt into Div 1 in the Under 12’s for North Canberra-Gungahlin Cricket Club as the opening batsman, and ended the season with his best score of 37 a couple of days before leaving Oz.

“Little Boomer” is most looking forward to:

  • The adventure and cultural exposure
  • The end of 2016 when he comes home
  • Seeing if he can get selected for the Pakistani cricket team!
  • Also, getting his new iPhone..

“Little Boomer” is least looking forward to:

  • Missing his AFL, friends, cricket team (after making Div 1)


“The Wife”

May have been digitally enhanced!

Following a long professional career in HR in demanding roles with multinational companies, and more recently an educational based role, a well deserved break is in order for the duration of the Lahore experience.

“The Wife” is most looking forward to:

  • Some well earnt time off work to recuperate
  • A new adventure and new cultural experiences.
  • The ability to travel and see the region again

“The Wife” is least looking forward to:

  • Missing family and friends
  • Amusing herself as a non working ‘stay at homer’
  • Time alone if I am away?


“The Aussie in Lahore”


I should have been born in this part of the world! I love the people, the culture and the lifestyle it offers. An avid fan of a Double Apple shisha and a tea with mint, I will be in my element.

Following a 23+ year tenure in global franchising, I started my own Canberra based business for the last 5 years before getting the opportunity to return to the region I called home for 5+ years. All that remains now is to get some proficiency at Urdu instead my rusty Arabic skills and embrace the experiences this role will offer me.


“The Aussie in Lahore” is most looking forward to:

  • The challenge of a new role and the rewards that will come with it
  • Getting entrenched in a new culture and its people
  • Making a difference to a business

“The Aussie in Lahore” is least looking forward to:

  • Having a ‘real’ job again and not being the master of my own time
  • Seeing the family struggle to cope potentially given long term absences
  • Missing Australia and all the connections there.
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