Aussies are everywhere, not just Lahore, and they’re ‘doin’ OK’

I’ve been in Vegas this week for an International Franchise Convention for KFC and Pizza Hut. This is an event which is held every two years in a different location and Vegas is the venue this year.

Having been associated with KFC and PH and Yum Brands on and off over since I was 15 years old, I have certainly met and seen the growth of a lot of people within these brands. This week has been a bit of a ‘reunion’, seeing the old contacts I have met along the way and seeing how they have all grown to different roles, including myself. Who would have thought I’d be doing what I am doing now, when I started at KFC as a 15 year old team member in Bendigo.

Aussies have completely infiltrated this business and are doing ok globally. Let me explain.

The current President is Greg Creed, who was the Marketing Manager for Australia when I first started. He moved to the US, ran Taco Bell very successfully and last year took over the number one job of a business valued at $US33 Billion, with turnover in excess of $US13BN and $1.3Bn profits. Not bad for an Aussie!

Greg Creed, President and CEO of Yum Brands

Greg Creed, President and CEO of Yum Brands

The current President of KFC US is also an Aussie (or a Kiwi, depending on when and who you ask) – Jason Marker, he too was in Marketing when I was with KFC.

An Aussie – Richard Wallis is the GM of Pizza Hut Canada.

An Aussie – Graham Houston is GM of Pizza Hut Australia.

Roger Eaton a South African Aussie (claims to be Aussie) is the Chief Operating Officer of Yum Globally, and I used to work under him when in W.A.

There are Aussies in senior roles in Canada, South Africa, the US and many other locations around the world, all driving multi million, or sometimes billions of dollar businesses. This is not to mention the countless Aussie franchisees who, when I was a store manager, where either managers, or had just bought stores, but now run from 1 to 60+ stores as a part of their ’empire’. The tenure in Australis for many of the franchisees is more than 30 years, and they are all ‘doin’ ok’ with their little chicken or pizza businesses! People like J.B, Gary, Garry,Ron, Sam, Chris, Adrian etc are now all running their own empires and changing lives along the way! J.B was one of my early Area Managers who changed my life in many ways!


This week has been great to not only see these people on a personal level, but to also run into people who I have worked with around the world. I’ve met up with people from the middle east who where in manager or area manager roles, but now run countries or regions. One colleague who I knew now heads a very successful business of KFC in Kazakstan as the GM (and it is not Borat).

I have been in and out of these brands now for the 3rd time, and each time I come back I am reminded about how a great company builds a great culture and retains great people, clearly evident by the success of so many, and so many Aussies. So it’s not only an Aussie not in Lahore, but in many other places.


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