When a ‘Butt’ isn’t a butt – only in Pakistan

Being an Aussie male, I am amused by the little things, a classic dick joke, inappropriate pictures or names and since being in Pakistan, I am constantly brought to a chuckle over the number of signs referring to Butt….but maybe that is just me….

My reference comes from the NORTH AMERICAN informal definition…

‘a person’s buttocks or anus’
i.e. “I was being paid to sit on my butt and watch television”
In Pakistan however, the word ‘Butt’ has a different meaning, and is a name, a very common one, especially in the Punjab area – around Lahore.
‘Bhat (Hindustani: भट (Devanagari), بھٹ (Nastaleeq)), also spelled as Butt (Pahari: بٹ), both of which are a shortened rendition of Bhatta, also spelled Bhatt, (Hindustani: भट्ट (Devanagari), بھٹّ (Nastaleeq)), is a common surname in India and Pakistan’
Source- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhat
This doesn’t change my amusement, and I will always go with the first version, one I’m used to.
So it brings me great joy and constant chuckling to see the array of ‘Butt’ signs as I am driving around. I thought I would share some of my favourites, and I am sure there are more out there, but often I am simply too slow to capture them with my camera (as too the opportunities to get the vast amount of items being carried on the back of motorbikes!).
Here’s a few to see if you’re as sad in your humour levels as I am:

Who doesn’t want to be able to bake fresh butt?


When your butt gets too warm….cool it..


When you need to replace your butt, get a new one…


For the athletic butts..


In case you didn’t know butts are bad…


If you drive like a butt!


When your butt needs a bit of ‘bling’


Nothing like a butt coffee to start the day!


When your old butt doesn’t keep up with the times, get a new one!




And while there are plenty more out there, and some I couldn’t find the photos of as I quickly wrote this post, here’s a final one for our American friends (not from Pakistan)


And to balance it out, a message from home…in Oz..


If you see a good Butt shot in Pakistan, send it to me and I’ll add to the list…

Aussie in Lahore….

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