Checking out Pakistan to become an Aussie in Lahore

Following the ‘knock at the door’ as mentioned on this sites homepage, my wife and I made a whirlwind trip to Pakistan from the 2nd until the 8th of October 2015 to determine whether we would in fact become an Aussie in Lahore. The trip over was a marathon 36 hour one, with a 10 hour stopover in Abu Dhabi, which allowed a quick trip to Yas Mall and a relaxing shisha while listening to the AFL grand final being streamed via my laptop, but we eventually arrived into Karachi late at night to be met with the news that our connecting flight to Lahore was cancelled due to a PIA pilots strike, so it was an overnighter in Karachi at the Avari Towers Hotel.

On route to the hotel in Karachi

On route to the hotel in Karachi

Karachi's famous buses

Karachi’s famous buses

The next morning saw us fly to Lahore, which was much greener and still chaotic, in fact more so than my last trip there in 2007. As this was my wifes first trip to Pakistan, there was a sense of uncertainty as to what she would think, and the whole decision on whether to relocate would come down to her go/ no go decision (so the in-laws can blame your daughter, not me).


Our visit involved a hectic few days of checking out schools (4 different International schools), types of accommodation (very nice and palatial very similar to Dubai style villas), local shopping availability, malls, general cruising around – which was a bit of a challenge with a driver who wasn’t that great as English, and two passengers not that great at Urdu, but we survived it.

One of the villas in Model Town

One of the villas in Model Town

Our final day saw us back to Karachi with a meeting with the owner of the company I was meeting and a final chance for my wife to be taken out shopping (I snuck off for my first shisha, as there was none in Lahore) before a quiet night ready for our 4am departure home. I did manage a sneak back to the shisha cafe to meet up with an old friend Waqas and stayed up way too late, only allowing a couple of hours sleep before hotel departure.

Waqas and Tony in Karachi

Waqas and I in Karachi

Our trip home was just as much fun as that over, with Virgin Australia delaying the Abu Dhabi to Sydney flight by another 10 hours, but at least this time we got taken into Abu Dhabi and given a hotel for the day.

After the entire journey, there was nothing to alarm my wife as a bad decision, but on the flip side, nothing to make her go “wow” so it was a ‘let’s proceed to the next step’ decision and several family meetings to determine our fate!

January 2016, Aussie in Lahore here I come…..

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