The final few posts….a Pakistan summary

As the sun sets for the Aussie in Lahore with my time over officially in Pakistan, I shall post a few more posts in the coming week to share some of the good, bad and weird observations seen in my 18 months there…..

Overall, for those whom have been following this blog, you would agree that the time in Pakistan has been highly positive, from a work front, personal front, and especially on the cultural and experiences side, plus several good personal and professional friendships were either made, or re-kindled from past Pakistan experiences.

My first post will come soon, and shall be simply dedicated to the weird and wonderful daily observations from the daily commute on the roads.

Additional posts will include:

  • The great things most people don’t know about Pakistan,
  • Lessons from working in business in Pakistan
  • Things that I most enjoyed about my time in Pakistan and
  • The things that ‘did my head in’ whilst living in Pakistan…

Then I will retire this blog and move onto the new chapter as I start a new role in Cape Town from September 1. You can move on over and subscribe to follow the new Blog – Canberra to Cape Town by clicking on the highlighted text.

Thanks for sharing the journey and adventure with me over the last 18 months….South Africa here I come!



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