Lahore Terror Attack #RememberTrueLahore

Yesterday Lahore was devastated by a meaningless and senseless bombing, taking the lives of at least 72 people and injuring more than 100 others. All of these were innocent people, mostly children and mothers out enjoying a day in the local park.This park is iqbal Parkabout 6kms from where we live, which makes it close to home, but still far enough away, and although we were not in Lahore, it does give a surreal feeling to the situation. Whilst I have, and still remain concerned about where the world is heading in regards to such senseless acts globally, and openly state that you can’t avoid a place due to the fear associated, I am optimistic about being on the right side of the statistics, given the size of these world cities that face such attacks. Being in a city of millions, has to work in your favour against attacks like this, but the scary thing is you just never know!

The concern is always around the fact that you never know when or where these people will target next, and all one can do in places of higher risk, like Pakistan is attempt to get knowledge of where not to go, but this is the challenge. Finding such information is not as easy as you would think. Australia’s gives updates, but they have simply said ‘avoid Pakistan completely’ which isn’t the current option, so how do you find out or mitigate the risks?

If you look at the most recent attacks, there is some form of a pattern to the targets and they are all aimed at someone in particular.

The Peshawar suicide attack last week was aimed at a bus loaded with government officials, past attacks in Lahore were¬†targeted at local police and other distinct groups, and this attack was seemingly aimed at Christians celebrating Easter. It is all very,very sad…

While the so called targeting is somewhat reassuring, it doesn’t cover the fact that you still don’t know where to go, or what to do at times and just what is or isn’t safe. Do you go to a park, the shops, to dinner? One can’t stay at home all day as that is no existence.

From my experiences thus far, Pakistan has been a great place to live. The family are settled, kids are in school and enjoying it and all is generally going well. It is when a reality check like this comes around that is makes you not only concerned, but really sad for the locals who are innocently targeted and otherwise friendly and welcoming to their country and culture.

As I head back to Lahore tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how the city has responded. With a 3 day mourning period in play now, things may be different now.

The main thing is to ensure that life goes on, and we must continue to remember the true Lahore and the great experiences that we have had there thus far. #RememberTrueLahore.

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