Living in a different time zone

I’ve done this before and while it is really only relevant to where you actually live as far as what the time of day is for daily activities, there are some impacts and considerations for being in a different time zone to family and friends ‘back home’.

Many time zones to ponder

Many time zones to ponder

Pakistan is 6 hours behind Australia. This means when I am sleeping, family and friends start awakening, and by the time I am up it is approaching mid afternoon. This opens up one window to call or contact before going to work or starting the days routines. If they are out, or at school, work or unavailable, then this window is potentially lost, and you can often go several days without talking to the kids or wife.

Another opportunity approaches around lunchtime, as it is after work back home. Usually after work is sleep time for Aussies, unless a few ‘die hards’ are still up and around, and the beauty of technology is Facebook allows you to see who is up and who is not. Contacting old friends in Dubai is easy as they are behind by only an hour.

My morning usually involves me waking up to new emails from home and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter notifications which have popped us as I have been pumping out the Z’s, so it’s fun to read and catch up and reply when I get up. One trap however is if you awaken during the night, you grab your phone ‘for a little peak’ and start playing around…probably not a good habit, but one which will stop when the family arrive and I revert back to my old habit of putting on silent.I have been awoken by FB message “BINGS” and Text messages on a few occasions now- 100% my fault…

This opens up the other issue of people home sending a message or calling and not thinking of the time difference, so I guess I will need to be used to and prepare for the odd middle of the night call or message…it happened all the time when living in Dubai all those years ago and sure it will continue to occur.

So, although not a massive issue, the factor of timezone and time awareness does come into play when living so far away from home…so if you are reading this..please don’t call or message me during the night, as payback is and can be a bitch!

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