Opening a bank account in Pakistan


So today I got the pleasure of starting the process to open an account in Pakistan.

In Australia, I would go to the bank, have 100 points of I.D, usually a passport, Drivers License and a couple of other cards with my name on it, or the process is even easier if an existing customer, just a matter of signing a few forms and its all done.

It’s a little differently done here.

3 representatives from the banked rocked into my office (not sure why 3, but they all came anyway).

One had the application form, one had a signature form and the other was there for some other reason, that I am not sure of still.

Firstly to fill out the application, which was done by dictation, and I must say would be easier and quicker if I had filled it out. Spelling my name and other details proved entertaining. T – easy, O – was written as an “i”, then a “u” then “No ‘O’ for Orange”, Y proved just as challenging….”Y, as in eye”, I said, so an “i” was written, my mistake I guess, “No, Y, as in Yes”….easy.

Then I had to give my father’s name, mothers name, next of kin, pet dog, cat, rabbit, well not really, but almost, and felt like it!

Next my passport and visa stamp was needed, which would be good, but passport is off getting a work visa, a copy wouldn’t suffice, but some discussions with others in the office and copy of each seemed to accepted eventually.

Then I needed salary details, address at home (which I don’t have), then a discussion over email work vs personal. I said this is my personal account, so should be able to use personal email. No, salary gets paid into it so has to be a work email. Fair enough.

I can’t get a supplementary card for “The Wife” but couldn’t get any logic as to why apart from – “It’s bank policy”. One way to control spending I guess!

After writing my full name and signing 2 times on the same form under each other 3 times, then several other repeats of this process in other places and forms, the 3 got up and left. Job done I suppose?

No information was forthcoming. Do I have an account? What are the details? When do I get things? Where will it go? Who am I banking with?

Some of these were later answered by people in the office, so in a week or so, I should have something that resembles a bank account.

Simple…another job ticked off…and another 5 days still in Karachi before heading to Lahore (maybe) next Tuesday.

Aussie in Lahore continues the journey.


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