So, Who are you?


Good question…..a family of 4 Aussies who, until January 2016 were living merrily in Amaroo, ACT, Australia, with a coaching business for “The Aussie in Lahore” and a HR job for “The Wife”, along with “The Princess” ending year 9 and “Little Boomer” ending year 6. We had been in Canberra for about 6 years, when a bizarre chain of events led to an opportunity to relocate to Lahore in Pakistan!

Having lived in the Middle East before, this wasn’t to be a complete culture shock, but Pakistan certainly wasn’t one of the ‘hot’ go to places for an Aussie and very white family to move to, but here we are!


How long are you in Lahore for?

The entire family will be there at least thoughout 2016 with the kids completing a mixed school year there (due to change in school years so it will be 2 x 1/2’s of 2 different years). Following this they may┬áreturn to Canberra to undertake year 11 and year 8 respectively, or we will see what happens. If they return, this will allow for a year of cultural experience, without disrupting too much of their Australian education, but if they love it and stay, then what will be will be. The “Aussie in Lahore” will continue to stay on in Pakistan, and there hasn’t been a lot of thought about logistics from that point forward.


Do you want visitors?

Sure…come on over, I am sure we will have room for family and friends! Several people have already expressed an interest in visiting, so we may be the catalyst for a boom in the Pakistani tourism sector. The real question remains how many are game enough to put words into action!


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