Ramazan Mubarak – Ramadan in Pakistan 2016

Ramadan started today, the 7th June and will go for the next 30 days and nights, and end with 3 days of celebration for Eid. Ramadan occurs as the 9th month of the Muslim calendar. It is considered to be the most holy and spiritual months of the year.

During Ramadan all Muslims  fast during the day from before sunrise to just after sunset, typically from around 3.15am to 7.17pm. During this time Muslims are not permitted to drink liquids, eat any kind of food whatsoever and also prohibited to show affection to their partners during the daylight hours.


This month in Pakistan  is celebrated with many prayers and rituals. Men typically visit mosques late in evening and perform a special long prayer of 20 Rakaa known as Taraveeh, while women pray the same, usually at home.

Each morning special foods are served which are unique to this months breakfasts only while in the evening people prepare special refreshing drinks made of rose water lemon, and many different kinds of deep fried dishes which are rich in oil and nutrients to energize people for the day long fasting and to break the fast (Iftar). Iftar is generally a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the breaking of the fast together.

Offices usually open earlier than normal i.e. 8AM or 8:30 and close at 2:30 or 3PM same is the case for banks and government departments.Local bazaars generally open late and have a break during the evening prayers and the long prayer of Taraveeh and then they re-open again till 10PM and even till midnight.

During this month all restaurants, food stalls in the streets and Paan shops are closed and it is illegal to eat in the public although not as enforced by law but people observe this law because of respect and to avoid criticism from the people.

In most big cities this rule is strictly followed and non muslims are generally expected to observe the same in public places in order not to offend.

As an Aussie in Lahore, it is only day one, but the biggest challenge is in not drinking liquids during the day, especially when it is 45 degrees outside. The food bit is not a issue, although I must admit I did come home and cook and eat dinner at around 6.30pm, instead of normal 7.15pm when the fast was due to be broken.

Lahore's Ramazan timings this year are (Source: http://hamariweb.com/islam/lahore_ramadan-timing5.aspx
Sehr-o-Iftar Time (Hanafi)
7:07 pm 3:19 am 07 June 1
7:07 pm 3:19 am 08 June 2
7:08 pm 3:19 am 09 June 3
7:08 pm 3:18 am 10 June 4
7:09 pm 3:18 am 11 June 5
7:09 pm 3:18 am 12 June 6
7:09 pm 3:18 am 13 June 7
7:10 pm 3:18 am 14 June 8
7:10 pm 3:18 am 15 June 9
7:10 pm 3:18 am 16 June 10
7:11 pm 3:18 am 17 June 11
7:11 pm 3:18 am 18 June 12
7:11 pm 3:18 am 19 June 13
7:11 pm 3:19 am 20 June 14
7:12 pm 3:19 am 21 June 15
7:12 pm 3:19 am 22 June 16
7:12 pm 3:19 am 23 June 17
7:12 pm 3:20 am 24 June 18
7:12 pm 3:20 am 25 June 19
7:12 pm 3:20 am 26 June 20
7:13 pm 3:21 am 27 June 21
7:13 pm 3:21 am 28 June 22
7:13 pm 3:22 am 29 June 23
7:13 pm 3:22 am 30 June 24
7:13 pm 3:23 am 01 July 25
7:13 pm 3:23 am 02 July 26
7:12 pm 3:24 am 03 July 27
7:12 pm 3:24 am 04 July 28
7:12 pm 3:25 am 05 July 29
7:12 pm 3:25 am 06 July 30

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your families

“Aussie in Lahore”

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