A Taste of Oz Comes to Pakistan

Despite the cries of “Strewth”,”Crikey” and “Aw Bullshit”, it was true….Australian food has come to Pakistan in the way of the Avari Hotel ‘Australian Food Festival’.

Karachi saw the event from 4-14 Nov and Lahore now from 18-24th Nov and after visiting both venues, it’s a Big THUMBS UP from The Aussie in Lahore!

Chef Jessie, from W.A is the man who is bringing this gastronomic delight of all aussie product for us masses of Aussies in Pakistan to enjoy and dine on over these great nights of what is pretty close to a traditional Aussie BBQ.

Chef Jessie

Chef Jessie

The event is a buffet format with meats cooked freshly to order as you like them, along with seafood, awesome sides, veggies (including good ole Mashed Spuds, Broccoli and Roast Spuds as well). It’s a foodies (or an Aussies) dream come true!


I have been to both Karachi and Lahore events, with Karachi being poolside, where as Lahore is also outdoor and a slight variation on the Karachi effort, but the food is to die for.

Lahore is winning hands down thus far, as you can enjoy a cool beverage (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) if you ask, where as Karachi staff simply laughed at the request…

'Mother's Milk'

‘Mother’s Milk’

Meats include T-Bone, Scotch Fillet, Eye Fillet, Lamb Chops, Roast Lamb and Beef, and seafood ticks off on prawns, calamari, Barramundi, Snapper and Salmon,along with bangers (sausages) to name a few..with great training and effort I have managed to eat everything at each sitting, and feel bloated but satisfied as I write this!

If dessert is your thing, you can’t go past Pav and Lamingtons, even though I chose an extra bit of steak instead.


Upon arrival, you enter via the ‘Sydney Opera House’ and take your seat amongst an array of aussie icons, such as the traditional roadsigns (to make you feel homesick), Kangaroos and Koalas (cardboard – not real, it’s not a zoo you know!), and aussie flags (taken to the pool room),Aboriginal flags, Ayers Rock pics etc etc…and Aussie music…giving Peter Garret and Kylie another run on the airwaves!


So, if you happen to be in Lahore, or passing though, as I’m sure many will be, do come along to the Avari….the clock is ticking…you can even ‘borrow’ a flag….which i will return before going home….


For around $AUD35 per person, this is great value…considering this is the price of one steak at home….let alone the 5 I ate both times….

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Cheers…..Aussie In Lahore

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