Things I missed about Oz

I’ve been back in Oz for the last week on a whirlwind tour to get my work visa processed for Pakistan (yes it was tough having to come to Australia to do this!) and I managed to get a lot packed into the 7 days I’ve been here. It all started with landing in Melbourne in the early morning last Friday, jumping on a plane to Canberra, going to the Pakistan consulate, then flying back to Melbourne, seeing the family, catching up with some old mates and going to an AFL game (but we won’t talk about that), heading to the pub afterwards before collapsing around 1.30am, and this was all in the first day of arriving!

From here there was the hectic agenda of going to Bendigo to the parents, Gisborne for my brother and sister, back to Canberra for visa, hosting a Gungahlin Business Over Breakfast event and a Canberra Business Long Lunch and seeing old friends from Canberra, before heading back to Bendigo and now, the night before I leave I am back in Melbourne. It’s been hectic, but good to see as many people I could, but obviously all the boxes couldn’t be ticked. But I did do some of my old favourite things I have missed (apart from seeing family obviously):

Getting and driving my car!

After months of not being able to drive, it was great to re-register my car and take it for a spin to Canberra and back, and to have the freedom of the open road, the only issue was there are road rules to obey and I couldn’t drive on footpaths and the wrong way up roads!


Seeing my house

Our house is being babysat by friends and we made a quick ‘pop in’ to have a look (to check it was still there….and it was!


Coffee at Coffee Guru with Steve and Tracie

My old ‘daily’ hangout….was great to see Ali and the gang, and run into another couple of daily devotees!


Catching up with old mates and having a beer or ten!

You have to have beer when home, and I had plenty….


Having Pho at Simply Pho in Gungahlin

A winter must do….yum!


Catching up with business mates at Long Lunch and Breakfast

It was a great chance to head to Canberra and attend my breakfast group that meets each Thursday, and to hold a quick ad hoc Long Lunch, where we raised 30,000 Rupees for a local Pakistani foundation my work is involved with, which will go a long way, but another post will come on this one when I hand over the funds this week.


Having my phone stolen for kids ‘selfies’

I wouldn’t be around the kids without them taking the odd photo or 50…and they struck again…


Going to Acheliya

My Melbourne “office”. The meeting place when in town to see the Warrior, Pawan and anyone else who I drag there…


But as they say, “all good things must come to an end” and tonight is the night. I fly back to Pakistan, departing at 2.45am via Bangkok and Dubai before heading straight to Karachi for work tomorrow, before getting back ‘home’ to Lahore in a few days I guess.

Hopefully now the visa issues with make a few things a bit easier, I can legally transfer my licence, get a credit card, maybe get permission to enter Cantt areas plus just be legal!

Thanks Oz, and thanks to all the family and friends I have caught up with, was great to see you…guess I will return at Xmas.

Aussie in Lahore (in Oz)

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